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Seguirilla Masterclass with Angela Alonso



Intensive High Intermediate/Advance choreography
Live Guitar accompaniment
There will be further lessons for those interested in learning the full choreography - please contact us for details.



Day:  TBC


Angela Alonso


The Gym - Jubilee Hall
         Covent Garden
Direction to venue


No booking required, turn up on the day

Learn a dance in one day



Learn a full contemporary flamenco choreography to a 3,5 minutes recorded cd track in one class. There is not footwork in this choreography. It is a simple but efective routine. All levels. You will work in arms technique, marcajes and turns. We will use this choreography to perform localy when invited. You will be given the cd track so you can practice at home.
Booking not required but would be nice if you email us to reserve a place. There will be a refresher of the same routine on Saturday 23rd June same time for those willing to consolidate the choreography.



Day:  TBC


Angela Alonso

Jubilee Hall
         Covent Garden
Direction to venue


No booking required


 "Listen to the Track we will Choreographe in Class"


Flamenco Classes at Martins Heron/Bracknell



We would like to create a flamenco  "Aficionados" group in the Reading area. For the pass year we have been teaching classes for complete beginners and intermediate students and brought from Spain Flamenco artists to perform live. The group is growing. Be part of it. Join our classes! Willing students get the opportunity to participate in presentations in local and central London festivals.

SPECIAL CHOREOGRAPHY + CASTANETS WORKSHOP - please contact us for next available dates
with Angela Alonso

Time: 11.30-13.30
Fee: 30
Castanets class: 10
Both classes: 38

Learn a full contemporary flamenco choreography to a 3,5 minutes recorded cd track in one day. We will use this choreography to perform locally when invited. There is not footwork in this choreography. It is a simple but efective routine. All levels.
The workshop will be followed by a castanets technique class.
No booking required turn up on the day.



Day:  Wednesdays
Beginners 6.15.-7.45 pm
     Intermediate 7.45-9.15 pm
Teacher: Angela Alonso

     Martin Heron's & The Warren

     Community Centre, Whitton

     Road, Martin’s Heron, 

   Bracknell, Berkshire RG12 9TZ

                      The Map
   (next to Martins Heron train

   station by Tesco's Car Park)


For term times and fees please go to our timetable here.


Ilusion Flamenca! Flamenco classes in Bristol & Stroud


Iluson Flamenca is coming to Bristol and Stroud!

The London-based International Flamenco School is opening a branch in Bristol and Stroud.
Classes for adults at beginners, improvers and intermediate level.
Learn to dance with passion and grace.
Flamenco artists for hire.




There are two Venues in Bristol:

Hamilton House,
80 Stokes Croft, BS1 3QY

Wilder St. Studios,
Wilder St, BS2 8QA

Directions to venue

No advanced booking required


Day: Thursdays

Starting on: to be confirmed

Time: - 06.30 - 07.30pm


           - 07.30 - 08.30pm


Fee: £45 for week term of classes, £9 at the door per week

Teacher: Amanda Frescura


Archway School Sports Centre,

Tel: 01453 763242

No advanced booking required
Amanda on 07775 811741


Bulerias Workshop




Due to the success of this bulerias structure workshop and the positive comments and feedback from students we are having a second one!!! A workshop to explore the compas and structure of buleria dance. We will explore the purpose of each segment: marcaje, llamada, escobilla, remate by applying them to 2 different buleria verses. The objective is to better understand 1. how the compas can be broken down into simpler stuctures, and 2. how the dance fits around the song. We will also investigate the general tone, themes, origins and attitude of Bulerias as a dance.



Day: TBC

One day only

Teacher: Carlos Otero

Time: 6.45-8pm

Fee: £12

The Gym in Covent Garden

Directions to venue

No advanced booking required

Flamenco Taster for Beginners    

Always wanted to learn flamenco?
This is a one off Beginner's taster workshop for those interested in getting started in flamenco.After the workshop there will be regular weekly classes for those willing to continue. Classes and workshops are accompanied by live guitar music.
For information on what to wear for the first lesson click here

We have beginners good quality flamenco shoes and skirts for sale. We can bring them to class for you to try on.
Email us to arrange.


Day: Wednesday 25th October
Time: 7:45pm - 9.15pm

Teacher: Angela Alonso

Fee:Fee: 18, or bring a friend and pay 16 each.
We recommend that you email usin advance to check that the class hasn't filled up if you're planning to pay on the day.

DW Sports in Aldwych

Directions to venue


Beginners Flamenco Course


Always wanted to learn Flamenco? Study footwork, arms technique & choreography over 6 weeks. You can pay for the lessons as a full course (works out cheaper) or individual classes (pay as you go, per lesson). It is possible to join the course even if it has already started. After the initial 6 weeks there will be regular weekly classes. All classes are accompanied by live guitar music.

For information on what to wear for the first lesson click here.

We have good quality beginners flamenco shoes and skirts for sale. We can bring them to class for you to try on. 
Email us to arrange. 

For term times and fees please go to our timetable here.



Day and time: Tuesdays, 6:45pm-8:10pm
New complete beginners course starting on Tuesday the 19th of September - but you can drop in anytime and we will make sure you catch up!

To avoid disappointment we advise booking in advance - please email us on ilusionflamenca@hotmail.com for more information. Please note a 1 admin fee applies to all advance bookings.

We have three different beginners levels - please click here for details, and here to take a look at our current timetable.

Teacher: Angela Alonso

Fee: Drop in fee £18, or buy a block of 6 weeks for £90.

Jubilee Hall in Covent Garden
Directions to venue

General Technique Class    

Body, arms/hands and footwork technique lessons for all levels. Practice you turns,claps and "marcajes" to different rhythms. Please notice this is not a choreography class.
No booking required. This class will give beginners and improvers the basic knowledge to getting started in flamenco. Intermediate students can enhance and reinforce their footwork and balance. Improve your body posture and coordination.



Day: Wednesdays

Time: 7.30-9pm

Teacher: Angela Alonso

Beginners/ Improvers Technique:

Intermediate Technique:

Fee: £12

LA Fitness
Directions to venue

Drop in Class

No booking required


Singing & Palmas workshop (hand claps)    

Palmas are very important in flamenco as they help you understand the rhythm. They are the base in any flamenco class or show. Lola Rueda will be singing and explaining the timings and differences between the palos. You can solve your doubts and get answers to your questions. Ask your teacher in class!


Day:  TBC

Time: 8-9.30pm
Teacher: TBC

Nuffield Health Centre
Directions to venue

Fee: £18

No booking required but email would be appreciated so we know how many to expect.


Sevillanas Intensive Workshop    

Heading to the feria? This is your last chance to get the hang of sevillanas before the season kicks in! Learn the first and second coplas in one weekend.

We will be running an additional weekend for the two remaining coplas as well, currently scheduled for 6-7 May - please contact us for more details.

We will be bringing the Spanish feria to London for those unable to make a trip abroad this year. Join us for the fabulous Feria de Londres in May for a taste of Spain's most joyous celebration - and where better to show off your newly-acquired sevillanas skills?

Advanced booking required - please email us on sevillanas@ilusionflamenca.co.uk. No partner needed and no experience required.



Day: 22-23 April

Time: Sat 2:45 - 4:45pm / Sun 12:30 - 2:30pm and 3:30 - 5pm
Teacher: Angela Alonso

The Gym in Covent Garden
Directions to venue

Fee: Special early bird price of £80 (if booked by 9 April); £90 afterwards

Saturday only: £50; Sunday only: £60

Additional weekend for those interested in the third and fourth coplas currently scheduled for 6-7 May. Please email us for more details.

Book your ticket online

Intensive Sevillanas Course    

Learn the beautiful dance of Sevillanas in just two weekends - and in time for the Feria!
The first weekend will cover the first and second coplas, and the following one the third and fourth coplas. You will then be able to practice the entire dance in pairs.
And why not show off your newly-acquired Sevillanas skills during our annual Feria de Londres?
Sevillanas are an excellent foundation for all forms of Spanish dance, and are taught and danced regularly all over Spain.

Ilusion Flamenca holds regular refresher sessions throughout the year to give our students an opportunity to practice the dance. Additionally, we organise an annual trip to the Feria de Jerez, offering you an opportunity to experience an authentic celebration of all things Spanish. Please contact us for availability.


To register your interest in the intensive sevillanas course
please email


Date: TBC

Fee: 120

Advanced booking required/minimum of 10 people to run the course. Register your interest by emailing

Sevillanas Refresher    

For those that can already dance Sevillanas and would like to refresh them.

Why not join us for our annual Charity Christmas Fiesta after the refresher? We offer a combined ticket for the two (30 if booked by 7th December, 35 thereafter).


Date and time: Sunday 10th December, 1:30pm-3pm

Jubilee Hall in Covent Garden

Directions to venue

Teacher: Angela Alonso

Fee: 20 if booked by 7th December, 23 thereafter.
Please email usto reserve your place.


Learn Sevillanas    


Learn Sevillanas, the couple dance of the Feria de Abril. No partner required.

There is still time to join the sevillanas course if you're looking to refresh your skills! We will be starting the third and fourth coplas on Tuesday 24 October. Alternatively, you're more than welcome to drop in to practice.


Day: Tuesdays
This is a 12 week course starting on Tuesday the 12th of September. You are welcome to join for the second half (the third and fourth coplas) from Tuesday 24 October, or simply drop in for practice.

Time: 8:10pm - 9.30pm

Jubilee Hall in Covent Garden

Directions to venue

Teacher: Angela Alonso

Fee: 18 per drop in session or 105 for 7 classes

Booking is required for this course - please email us to reserve your place.

Ballet for Flamenco Workshop    


Classical Ballet for Flamenco Dancers
A Workshop to Improve Technique and Body Awareness

Why Ballet ?
The technique of classical ballet originated in the courts of the Italian and French Renaissance and has developed over centuries. Today it provides the foundation for virtually every dance genre. It has the power to transform your dancing by developing strength, control, balance, co-ordination, flow of movement and a sense of good alignment. For the professional dancer, regular classes are essential to gain a high level of technical expertise. But if you’ve ever wondered how to get some of that technical knowledge without the daily grind of training, now is your opportunity!

What to Expect ?
We have put together a workshop that highlights some of the fundamental principles of classical technique. There will be exercises and explanations to help you understand these principles followed by direct applications to your flamenco dancing.
The session will include centre work, arm work, good posture, core stability, tips on turns and how to understand body alignment, spatial orientation and sense of direction.
All ages and levels of flamenco dancer are accommodated. So you need not be concerned that you won’t have enough energy or flexibility to cope, we are not focusing on the athletic aspects of Ballet!

What to Wear ?
Wear your usual flamenco skirt, shoes and top, but ladies be ready to remove the skirt for some of the work, ie. wear tights, leggings underneath or bring track-suit bottoms to slip on.


Day: TBC

Time: 1-2.30pm

Fee: £20

The Place

Directions to venue

Teacher: Amanda Frescura

Booking required
by email or phone us on the day to check if there are any spaces left.


Sevillanas With Castanets Workshop    

We will learn how to coordinate castanets with the sevillanas steps. This workshop is for those able to dance Sevillanas and play castanets.


Day: TBC

Time: 1-2.30pm

Fee: £18

The Gym in Covent Garden

Directions to venue

Teacher: Angela Alonso

No advanced booking required

Castanets for Sevillanas    

Beginners Castanets for sale:

Special Fibre £18

Granadillo £13

New product!!!
Try the revolutionary "Silencer" for castanets. This is a new device that can be adjusted to the castanets so you can practice everywhere without making noise. £12Special offer:
Buy a pair of castanets+silencer and get £2 off final price!!!

"Castanuela con Silenciador"



Say bye-bye to old socks and taped-up tissues!!!!With our revolutionary invention, you can practice your castanets anytime and anywhere, without disturbing anyone. Wherever you find a minute - behind the stage, at home, in classes – the Silencer provides the ideal solution to ear-busting castanet practice for both professionals and students. Easy to fit and adjust, it doesn't damage the castanet, and fits all regular sized castanets. The Silencer is handcrafted out of rubber and leather. Each pair is unique, made out of leather clippings and recycled rubber. All the leather is sourced from fairly-treated animals and 10% of all profits go to charity.The price of the Silencer is £12 including postage.
For ordering one please contact Angela Alonso on 07931341754
or email info@ilusionflamenca.co.uk You can also visit our shop here.


Day: TBC

Time: 2.30-4pm

Fee: £15

The Gym in Covent Garden

Directions to venue

Teacher: Angela Alonso

No advanced booking required
If you need to buy/borrow castanets please email us to arrange









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